EAA SportAir Composite Construction Workshop

The Experimental Aircraft Association has been running these workshops teaching different aircraft building skills around the country for a long time, and when I saw that the Composite workshop was going to be offered in Riverside, I jumped on the opportunity to get some momentum on my airplane building project. (It was apparently a good idea, too,  because our instructor, John Brecher, said this was the second to last one. From now on they’re only doing them in Oshkosh…)

We worked on two little pieces, a flat piece of foam we glassed, cut in half, and then joined together with a fillet joint and a small section of an airfoil that we hot-wired in polystyrene foam, added spar tapes top and bottom, and then skinned with fiberglass. This took two full days, mostly because of the need for the epoxy to cure for 24h between each layup. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves below, but it was a nice introduction to the techniques used and it doesn’t seem that hard. Of course, like I said at the end of the workshop, being able to manufacture some pieces is one thing, trusting them with your life is another…


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